I'm Elli, a full stack software developer born and raised Seoul, now living in New Jersey.


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Hey, you're awesome! ☺

Thank you for looking at my work!

A true 90s kid, I spent my childhood chatting on MSN with friends 24/7 and changing the source code on my Daum blog (Korean version of Xanga) to make glitter fall in the background. When teenage years hit, I grew interest in art, everyone migrated to Facebook, and I forgot about coding. My interest in coding sparked again when I built my first website and a Unity-based game from scratch in college. It furthered when I worked closely with web developers and saw what they did, which led me to leave my design job and pursue programming full time.

Since graduating from a web development coding bootcamp, I’ve worked as a full stack developer at a fintech startup and a restaurant startup, and as a freelance graphic designer and frontend developer for another restaurant startup.

I currently write code at ClearOPS as a full stack developer.

When I’m not in front of a computer, I’m most likely on an adventure with Zhora, my seven year old Border Collie mix, or looking for the next concert to attend.